Mangahurco Flowering Guayacán


The natural spectacle of the flowering of the Guayacán is coming soon. If you feel the desire to see it, we are here to help you choose the best route to get there. If you are in Guayaquil, the closest route is through Machala, Santa Rosa, Arenillas, and Alamor, in the Puyango canton.

From Cuenca, leaving early in the morning (6:00). This trip is better for a one-day trip, and it allows the visitor to enjoy the delicious gastronomy that Puerto Jelí, in the Santa Rosa canton, can offer.

Then, on the way to Arenillas-Alamor, before crossing the bridge that sits above the Puyango River, we embark on our route towards the right, and arrive at the millenary Petrified Forest of Puyango. The trip takes one hour, or more, depending on the rhythm of the visit.

The night can be spent at Alamor, or in the district of Mercadillo, which is 5 minutes away. In these places there are reasonably priced hotels. For dinner, the recommended dish is the typical Lojan cecina. The visitor should also take advantage of the trip and visit the clock that has been recognized as Cultural Patrimony of Ecuador, with 8 spheres. This clock is located in the main church of Alamor.

The next day one can leave very early in the morning and embark on the Alamor-El Limo route, through the district of Mangahurquillo. We go through the high part of Cazaderos, and from there we can appreciate all the majesty of the flowering of the Guayacán. It is so amazing that you will not want to move.

We continue on this route on our way to the district of Mangahurco, a place where one can eat and sleep inside tents or in houses that have been designated for this purpose.

Another alternative for those who come from Quito is to travel all the way to Santa Rosa. There are flights every day. And from there we continue on the Santa Rosa, Arenillas, Alamor, Limo, Cazaderos, and Mangahurco route.

Another Route

If you travel from Loja, you’ll go through the Catamayo route, where one can also arrive from Quito by plane. You continue on the Catamayo-San Pedro de la Bendita route, on the way to Vela Cruz-Catacocha. If you leave early, you will have time to make a stop in Catacocha, and visit the Chiriculapo lookout, or walk through the streets of this town, which has been recognized as Cultural Patrimony of Ecuador. This route continues towards the south, on the way to El Empalme. There is a military checkpoint and from there to the right is Celica. 

Following this route, through Pósul-Pindal, one takes the Paletillas route, until one arrives in Mangahurco.

Both routes have been enabled, but whichever route you choose, the destination is worth it. You will be witness of one of the most amazing natural spectacles of your life.


  • Travel with comfortable clothing, so that you will be able to participate in the long hikes.
  • Be respectful with the environment, and do not leave trash along the way.
  • In Mangahurco you can also tour the area riding a donkey.



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